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camping and hiking gear tactical



Accessories include: Tactical Knife*1; Strong Light Flashlight*1; Folding Pliers*1; Whistle Knife*1; Water Bottle Buckle*1; Umbrella Rope*1; Glow Stick*1; *1; Flint*1; Survival Whistle*1; Survival Bracelet*1; PVC Gloves*1; Raincoat*1; Compass*1; First Aid Mask*1; First Aid Blanket*1 Wire saw*1; D-type carabiner*2; Emergency guide manual*1; Tourniquet*1; Tweezers*1; Scissors*1; Emergency bag*1; Non-woven gauze sticker*2; Triangular bandage*1; Elastic Bandage*2; Cotton Swab*1; Tape*1; Pin*4; Fishing Equipment*1; Camouflage Tactical Bag


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